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From California, since 1937

Olinda Olives is an olive grower, producer, and processor in Northern California, providing professional kitchens with gourmet olives and olive oil from West Coast Products under the Olinda® Brand. The company’s commitment to natural, fresh, and in-season premium table olives and olive oil meets the highest standards of California state certification, which ensures top quality olive products.

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Available in cases of (4) 1-gallon bottles or jars for chefs, food service, and bartenders!

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Olinda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Olinda Olives certified California Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the gallon size is equivalent to (7.57) 500 ml bottles, a terrific value. Our award-winning oil is crushed within 90 minutes of harvest to ensure maximum freshness.

Olinda California Queen Jumbo Olives

California Queens

Pimento stuffed Sicilian olives are the classic martini olive, only better! The color, the crunch, and the taste of Olinda Olives separates this martini olive from the others. Naturally cured, and then stuffed with real sweet red pimento.

Olinda Jumbo Bar Olives

Jumbo Bar

A naturally cured pitted Sicilian Sevillano olive fermented in salt brine for over 10 months. Our all natural process at Olinda Olives takes some time, but it ensures a firm, pungent and seductively bitter tasting olive.

Olinda Bistro Blend Olives

Bistro Blend

We cast our Greek and Sicilian style whole olives together to make the  perfect Olinda Olives blend. Black and green, sweet and bitter, soft and firm, they offer a sophisticated garnish to an antipasto or deli tray, or as an excellent menu addition.